Corum Human Services

About Us


Corum Human Services is a for-profit-organization that provides homes, supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities (DD).  Corum Human Services operates two homes licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Lilys Way and Farmington homes, located in Winchester, Virginia.

Corum Human Services will be operating single family homes where individuals will reside in a family atmosphere supervised at all times by trained professionals. An individualized and person-centered approach is the foundation for services for Corum Human Services personnel and clients. Corum Human Services believes that by providing person-centered services it allows the individuals that we serve to express his or her abilities, talents and desires.  Person-centered services allow Corum Human Services to celebrate and embrace the differences in all clients that we serve and allow them the right to self-determination. 

Corum Human Services believes that with proper supports, training and services, the individuals that we serve can be viable and active parts of their community; thus reducing stigmas and improving quality of life. Individualized care can assist all clients in reaching their greatest potential and living the most independent lifestyle within their abilities. In providing services, Corum Human Services promotes continues training and assistance in the areas of conceptual, social and practical skills, as well as, community integration. Corum Human Services looks forward to being a premiere and quality provider for adults diagnosed with DD as well as an active community partner.

Patricia and Bryan Kidd are the owners of Corum Human Services with 35 years of combined experience working with adults with intellectual disabilities as well as other mental health diagnoses. Patricia Kidd, CEO of CHS, along with her husband Bryan have fulfilled a life long dream of opening their first group home to provide person-centered services to individuals with intellectual disabilities in a structured and family-like environment. Family owned and operated, CHS believes in providing care that meet the unique needs of disabled adults as well as empowering them through increased independence, building confidence and community awareness and interactions.

Tymisha Robinson, Program Supervisor, with CHS has over 10 years of experience working with adults, children and adolescents with intellectual and behavioral disabilities in the group home, community and residential settings. Ms. Robinson is an Old Dominion University graduate with a bachelor's degree in Human Service Counseling.