Corum Human Services

Customer Testimonials

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Corum Human services has always gone well above and beyond what was required for a healthy and safe environment for the individual that I serve and I would highly recommend this agency to anyone interested and I will very good if one of my family members was a client of theirs.

~QI Survey Feedback 2021
I highly recommend Corum Human Services for residential services. The administrative team and DPS's are knowledgeable, caring, and look out for what is best for the individuals they serve. They ensure the individuals birthdays are special and go above and beyond. Corum is the #1 Residential service in our area.

~QI Survey Feedback 2021
Great agency and love the services they provide. They have a big heart and a warm environment.

~QI Survey Feedback 2021
Very family oriented team. I like how little turn over there is which reflects on the care your staff are able to provide. Always neat and clean environment. Friendly and supportive.
~QI Survey Feedback 2022